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The best way to showcase your product is through creative Design. Check out our Custom Packaging, Design Services, and offerings.

DE519N is design focused and creatively driven.

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Our Services

Package Design

Consumer Packaging, Point of Purchase Displays, Concept Drawings, Pallet Patterns.

Graphic Design

Concept Art, Renderings, Production Artwork.

3D Modeling

SolidWorks, Form•Z, Google SketchUp.


Linking all components from Displays to Consumer packaging.

Product Development

Product Prototyping, Digital Printing, Display Prototyping, 3D Printing.


Packaging recommendations, Design for Manufacture, Design Efficiency.

and seminars...

Explore fundamental aspects of design, design models and design systems. Gain deeper insights into a 'Design Thinking' methodology and the human-centered design approach [...]
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Learn a basic overview of the most common Box Styles used for Packaging, along with methods to help you understand when each can, and can not be used. Know what questions you should be asking before Designing, as this will help direct you towards a proper solution [...]
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Learn dozens of field-tested, immediately usable tools for generating ideas and stimulating your creativity You will gain an understanding of over 100 creative techniques that can be applied to problems, opportunities, or situations [...]
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