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Explore fundamental aspects of design, design models and design systems. Gain deeper insights into a 'Design Thinking' methodology and the human-centered design approach. Learn how to apply teamwork along with communications skills, and understand creativity methods and visualization tools in the context of strategic design. Understand how to evaluate ideas and concepts and why an innovative attitude is crucial for a successful implementation.


Packaging for Retail

Learn a basic overview of the most common Box Styles used for Packaging, along with methods to help you understand when each can, and can not be used.

Know what questions you should be asking before Designing, as this will help direct you towards a proper solution.

Learn to understand your target market along with the Retail environment that you will be addressing and how your Design will interact with the Consumer.

You will gain insight into the various guidelines that are required by specific Retailers well. Unfortunately, it's not 'One sizes fits all' in most cases.


Sparking Creativity

Learn dozens of field-tested, immediately usable tools for generating ideas and stimulating your creativity You will gain an understanding of over 100 creative techniques that can be applied to problems, opportunities, or situations. The principles and methodologies include a variety of options and the strategies are easily adapted to specific needs and/or industries.

Become familiar with concepts that result in original thought as well as examining a variety of creative thinking techniques. Learn to "see what others do not see" and to "think what others are not thinking."
The result is an "opportunity mindset."